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Crazy Love
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Crazy Love

crazy love
my girl

i write to you my words through,
a leaving clouds,
through coming spring,
and through weeping tears..

my beloved..

i left my life, looking for your magic eyes,
behind a life pains..
writing on a heart line,
a sweet and a great word in a world,
love you...

some times a wishes appear as loving,
its touch a deep of emotion,
or sadness, killing your heart.

love and faithfulness,
glory and clearness,
friendship and honesty...

words can`t my tongue stopped talk about them,
its meaning a bit in a tongue, and
great in a heart...

in my heart, there is a great dream,
and its wonderful dream..
the words rains a love and a longing..
a bird songs a sweet melody..
a spring coming again,
and birds songs more and more,
to a great lover, whom saw and heard...

my girl, , let me ask..? ? /
how my heart and feelings fall with you..? ?
don`t know how my pen wrote and my mind
think deeply of you..

your love is my malady and cure..
your love is a life without death,
and a death without life..
your love is turning my life..

love you.... love you...

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