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Crazy Love
FEB (May 14,1953 / Pittsburgh, PA)

Crazy Love

Poem By Faith Elizabeth Brigham

this feels awful
i'm not sure loving you
is worth the pain
you can either make
or break my day
by your attention
or lack of it

you are quickly
becoming something
close to an obsession
i like everything there
is about you
your eyes say it all
you move about zombie-like
my enchanted master

deep down i know
you lack the courage to
tell it like it is
so instead you stare
sometimes winking
at your love slave
willing to risk nothing

you can keep your
hungry eyes and empty arms
your well-kept secrets
i'll keep my fantasies
and shattered dreams
then crawl back into my shell
and silently mourn for
the love which is just
out of my reach

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Comments (2)

Hi Elizabeth, This one said so much to me. Love can be such a bitch. And men are such children at times like you describe. Great poem. 10 from me. All the best Tai
A good example of how uncluttered simple language can say so much. I liked this one very much.