Create Fate

We forget what is important
The people we invest our time into
The ones who are special to us
The things that are fun
And silly and free
The things that our heart whisper to us
Before we fall asleep

I wonder if I'll ever be able to stay with my kids at home
And let the time we spend be in wonderment and joy
Will we learn how to love together
And play until the sun is gone
And learn about the puzzle pieces of the earth that we are from

How do we let our heart fuel us
And be what drives us through the day
How can we not get stuck in the cages that we make
I'm becoming my mother
And I'm becoming my father
And slowly I'm forgetting what I was running after
How do we fool our selves into making excuses
Giving into our fears
The illusions that we all hide behind

Is what we want really too good to be true?
I'm scared that the life that I want will never bee
I'm afraid I'll spend my time dancing to the drum of another's beat
And that's why it's so serious what we decide to create
How we choose to spend our time here day by day
If you want to live happily
You have to choose your fate

by Mellisa Salazar

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