Create Room To Bloom

Deep amongst the rocks, dirt and land,
I am pressed beneath layers of sand.
Wiggling, wobbling, I shutter and squirm
Hidden from varmints, insects, and worms.

I feel lackadaisical and complacent
Lying here in my cool, damp, dark space.
Vulnerable to other parasites, I'm surprised
That I'm permitted a chance to survive, and thrive.

If the ground has too many rocks and stones,
I have no room to stretch my young bones.
Because these obstacles can hinder my growth,
I am challenged to germinate this seed I've sown.

When I am planted in fertile ground,
My roots are able to grow all the way down.
Securing my position with solid stability.
Supplying my entire root system nutritionally.

The earth sends me nourishment thru sunlight,
Firmly nestled, the earth holds and hugs me tight.
With the sun's beaming rays and a gentle rain,
I sprout with love, honor, dignity and praise.

I am no longer a seed, or a victim of need,
Choosing to be either a flower, tree or weed.
I bud from the opportunities that grooms
The possibilities allowing my room to bloom!

2006 All Rights Reserved

by Joy Malumphy

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