Created Out Of Pleasure

In others pain we were born and in our own pain we will die
And that does apply to everyone as well as to you and I
Created out of pleasure 'tis pleasure that gives rise to the birth of every girl and boy
And pleasure surely is a thing that all of us enjoy.

Created out of pleasure and we die in our own pain
And measured by our achievements and by our financial gain
'Til the reaper claims the life from us to his scythe we must fall
The scythe of death of the reaper makes equal one and all.

Created out of pleasure to satisfy a human need
It is good for our egos to plant our human seed
To make sure in the World our own genes will live on
When back to Mother Earth's bosom what remains of us has gone.

Created out of pleasure but brief our lifetime span
On average seventy five years for a woman and a bit less for a man
In history some are still living in notoriety or fame
But the reaper makes all equal to the reaper all are same.

by Francis Duggan

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