Created Rivalry

Most will await to investigate too late,
Why they allowed feelings felt towards another...
To heat and escalate for purposes to initiate,
Some kind of created rivalry.

And with it done mostly for others to see,
How they can pick on someone unnecessarily.
Only to discover the one they chose,
Isn't chased away or afraid to throw the first blow.

To then begin an unending conflict started,
Over a rumor that began...
By someone no one can name.
Or can claim they even know.

'Why are they fighting and for what reason? '

~Over he said/she said stuff.~

What did those people say? '

~No one knows to remember.
But they chose to fight anyway.~

'For what purpose? '

~To appease the expectations,
Of those who have been watching...
Encouraging them to put up a good fight.~

'That's sick.'

~I agree.
Now which one of us has the cure,
That will stop these folks to end this disease? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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