Creating A Deadlock Left In Conflict

There are realities,
And kept delusions on trial.
With those opposing both,
Creating a deadlock left in conflict.
Just to waste time debating,
A confused system of mixed beliefs...
Baked and frosted with the taste of escapes.
To then find appropriate escapades to leave,
A people already fantasized by assumptions.
As they are left to medicate themselves,
On entitlements and a daily dose of self importance...
Based upon hyped up propaganda and its greatness,
Creating a rise of denials and mental illness to ignore.
With just a few designated as misfits,
Willing to strip the cream to get to the crust of it.
By a removing of their suits and ties,
And rolling up their sleeves to sweat unafraid of the dirt.
To get down to Earth and administer to the root of things.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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