Creating Me

As I turn around I see this hazy line
Fixed into the polluted air
I see where I staggered into moments
To fulfill myself into a satisfying death
The see the mistakes and pools of tears
Small rivers that disappeared
I see the time wasted into years
I feel the scarce love I avoided because of slight fear
I look back and this hazy line is my past
I come to spots where the memories come to a blank
I come to areas where I can’t remember dates
I sit and just ponder of the events
But, my mind has erased them
I suppose my head knows what’s best
Makes me forget things to avoid stress
If I remembered all the times where I was at the point of failure
Maybe I would give up and my skin would be paler
As I turned around this is what I found
My foot prints embedded into the ground
A small path that I can follow and go back
Travel far and deep into the past
When I was uncertain
When I would debate
When I found myself fixed into the vision of fate
As I turned around I was afraid of what I would see
But, it turned out all I saw was the simple moments that ended up creating me

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