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The gaping void that lies bereft
Craving inexplicably for order
Swirling, massless clouds of thought
The void begins to form a border
Without question and accepting
The borders grow and form a page
The pen is drawn to tell the paper
Of all my mirth. And all my rage
The latent energy provokes reaction
The sparks cause flame, then fire, inferno
A magnetic attraction
Line and verse are made to flow
A sense sublime of satisfaction
A therapeutic, stoic release
Void now filled, a manifestation
And then I'm purged, my mind is cleansed
Replete, I urge my mind to cease

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I doesn't go that way for me, but I'm sure it does for you. A wonderful description of that process. GW62
Very powerful have some great lines here that just grab the reader and holds their attention throughout the piece. Your imagery is outstanding. Thanks for the great read.: o) bobbie
Wonderful flow to this passionate explanation of the creative process and the need to write. Loved it! Justine
Esra, a marvelously detailed scientific explanation of the process... keep swirling! ! Brian
Ah, I think many can relate to this one! Great job. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work! Sincerely, Mary
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