Poem By Noeline Iris Cutts

THE FATHER, SON and SPIRIT had perfected their plans for our World,
The Earth was formless and empty and deep waters around it swirled.
It was covered in black darkness - not a pretty place at all!
And the SPIRIT moved upon the waters awaiting GOD'S first call.
THE FATHER wrought all Creation through HIS ONLY SON,
By Him were all things created. He spoke and "It was done!"
GOD said "Let the Light appear!" The Angels gave a rousing cheer!
God saw the Light that it was good, He divided it from the darkness - where they stood!
GOD called the light Day & the darkness Night, The 1st Day was created, perfect in their sight
So they continued on their creative way, The evening & morning were the 1st Day.
Then GOD said "Let there be air to separate the waters under from those above!"
And at His command water everywhere began to s-s-swish-sh-sh and s-s-swirl-l and s-s-shove. GOD smiled as they watched the waves at play. The evening & morning were the 2nd Day. Then GOD said "Gather the waters into seas, Let the dry land appear, if you please!
Let there be plants, vegetables, & trees, According to their kind, Let each produce their seeds" The evening and the morning were the 3rd Day, Earth was resplendent in her colours gay. GOD said, "Let the Sun rule the Day & the Moon the Night!" The Angels chorused with delight!
The Sun will mark days & years & seasons! They are not there for decoration - but for reasons!
The waxing waning Moon reflective as she rides,
Gives us the changing months & gently pulls the tides.
GOD made the Stars aglitter in the sky, so we can map our course as we go travelling by.
The evening & the morning were the 4th Day. The sun slowly withdrew her warming ray.
GOD said "Let the waters teem with fish & creatures great and small.
Let the birds fly overhead and nest amid the branches tall."
"Let each increase according to his kind, And happiness & joy they'll surely find!"
The evening & morning were the 5th Day. The birds in chorus carolled their say.
GOD said, "Let the land produce animals according to their kind,
And beetles, spiders, bugs and butterflies and every creature find!"
GOD saw that it was good and He had one crowning act to do.
He wanted to make Adam and Eve to be the parents of me and you.
GOD has just SPOKEN and the rest of Creation had sprung forth,
But upon man GOD had placed a much higher worth.
He was to be the crowning work of his creator, The one for whom this beauty had been made for.
GOD said "Let us make man in our image - to look like us! He formed him from the powdered dust
Arm in arm they walked throughout Eden, GOD showed him the fruits & herbs to feed him.
The animals around them freely played, Adam named all of the creatures GOD had made.
He noticed that each one had its own mate, GOD smiled and told Adam just to wait!
He caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, then took his rib and fashioned a woman.
Then brought her to the delighted man, & married them as was His Plan.
The happy pair enjoyed His Blessing! Being clothed in Righteousness they had no need of dressing
Heaven & Earth were completed in their vast array, The evening & morning were the 6th Day.
Sunset ushered in the glorious Sabbath, and GOD told man to keep is as a habit,
He inscribed it in the heart of His 10 Commandment Law,
He said "Remember to keep it, now and forevermore."
That 1st Sabbath He spent with Adam & Eve strolling as they pleased,
He explained the mysteries of bud & leaf, & animals & trees.
At sunset Adam & Eve quietly bowed their knees, & adored their Creator in the evening breeze
The evening & morning were the 7th Day, And all GOD'S creation bowed reverently to pray.

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