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GOD smiles upon us and he blesses us
With his gifts and his love and all of his trust
We are born with the desire and the want to express
We were formed from dreams and thoughts, not only dust.
GOD is the Almighty, the creator of all creation
He gives man purpose and the gift of inspiration.

Man with a pen or a brush he can and will create
He sees and senses what no other man can feel
In his mind and his dreams his thoughts they cultivate
Then he creates, and then to all, his works he will reveal.
Man creates for himself, and GOD he wants to please
While GOD, he just sits there and watches and sees.

GOD the creator he gives and shows and he inspires
Man paints and creates for his soul and his inspiration
Man he paints and he writes and he sings in the choirs
GOD is the creator, and the builder of all creation.
While man burdens himself to write or paint, he creates
And GOD, he sits and smiles and he waits.

Randy L. McClave

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