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Creation Ingredients

Maybe there is a reason that we are the colors that we are,
Maybe we are ingredients in God’s cooking jar,
Maybe we are white for the sugar, or flour or maybe even the salt,
And if we are born hateful without taste, maybe that is the fault.
Maybe we were born black for pepper or the taste of the cocoa bean,
And if we are forgotten, maybe that’s why we are hateful and also mean,
Maybe we were born yellow for the tang of lemon or lime or the eggs yolk,
And without them we would be bland and also easy to provoke.
Maybe we were born red for the savory of the strawberry or the cherry
And without that added, wouldn't life be un-sweet and un-imaginary.
Maybe we were created white, black, yellow and red for a reason
Maybe we were meant to be ingredients to each other as a season,
At the end of life we are described as either sweet, sour or tasty
Maybe we were meant to be combined, to become sweet as God’s pastry.

Randy L. McClave

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