Creative Therapy

Poem By Nicole GravellPellerino

Creativity flows freely
through my veins
as if it was meant
to replace my blood

My pen effortlessly flies
across lines of loose leaf
voicing the unconcious
and deeply personal thoughts

Creativity is not
served of public purpose
but is a way to dive deeper
into the oceans of my personal psyche

And as I delve deeper into
my poetic writings
I hope to finding my own
unique voice and world view

Every wriiting is a work of art
that slowly strips away
the false masks I wear
while trying to hide from the world

With each poem I scribble down
I bare another piece of my shatttered soul
and share another chapter
in my personal psychological story

Writing and poetry
are my creative outlets,
my inexpensive therapy
and the keeper of my sanity

Each stanza is a journal entry
and my last shot
controll the endless chaos
running throught my analytical brain

The ink flow of my soul
and the jumbled words
some how make sense
of my bottled up emotional baggage

Creative Writing is an avenue
to work out my scattered past
a means to escape
my internal madness

My creative therapy
is a personal steeping stone to growth,
a long, hard and tedious journey
that is not about comfort, but self reflection, and acceptance

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