Creature Iii

Poem By Ryan Joseph Holder

Now, let me see...
Where to begin? ...
Well I am the one
who makes you all sin
I am fearful and hated
I'm a god among men
I am the reason for dying
And all of your ends
I am the knight
to the inferno
I am Hell's savior
And Heaven's deserter
I am Christ's mask
And God's own bizzaro
I am the cause
Of a darker tomorrow
I've taken down heroes
And made fools of the gods
And as for your end?
I am the cause...
I could destroy all
In one single turn
But I'd rather watch you
Suffer and squirm
But now I am filled
With much more than rage
You've removed my shackles
And opened my cage
And now I am free
To wreck havoc again
And I have you to thank
For that my friend
And all is well
No need to cry...
The creature is back
....Get ready to die...

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