Creatures Of Moods

We all do go through our bleak moments in life
Of worries and troubles and deep inner strife
And moments of lack of self worth the sibling of self doubt
One well might say this is what life is about

Some tell us from life we do receive our due
But that not everyone can be a winner happens to be true
Most people are successful in their own sort of way
In life you win some and lose some as some like to say

The praises of those they see as successful many people do sing
But success itself can be a relative thing
It all depends on what to you that you do relate
The one who is wonderful to you to me may be far from great

We all have our moments when we are feeling down
This even happens to those who know of wealth and renown
That we are creatures of moods happens to be so
And moods to the mind they do come and do go.

by Francis Duggan

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