Creatures Of The Well

Now-a-days for living
Not only breathing is enough
A pleasant environment is also required to breathe! !

How can one presume a life with only breaths?
When there is no fragrance of life in the atmosphere
Instead we breathe smell of gun-powder all over
When eyes always witness
dead bodies show in TV news channels
When the headlines of daily newspapers
highlights the scores of dead human-beings
And when often in dreams
we see ourselves witnessing our own death! !
Then it's very hard to breathe normally? ?

Now-a-days for living
Not only keep on living is enough
A pleasant feeling of living is also essential! !
How can one presume a life as a god-gifted?
When around the globe
we see all the maps blood stained
And when the man-eater animal gets unemployed
for the reasons that man is eating a man? ?
Then keep on living with the normal breaths
is as true as a "caterpillar" wins a race! !

And if life is just to get up early in the morning
Taking bath and running for the job
Ignoring the questions "What, Why and When"
of to be victims in future? ?
And back to home in the evening as a winner.
Then keep on breathing in such seized thoughts
is a very good habit of
Creatures of the Well too! ! !

by Kanwaljit Bhullar

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