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(((Creepy-The Sitting Duck!)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Creepy-The Sitting Duck!)))

So much has been exposed ALREADY-
So many players have been named...! ! !
And your publicity-even though bad-has spotlighted you...! ! !
Into the possible perp of 'Criminal Fame';

To say that you and yours are the number 1 suspects...
On a list near a full page long...
Would be an understatement...
But you continue-to write about doing wrong;

With your oft' hidden intimidating threats...
That are so easily caught...! ! !
It doesn't take a Criminal Profiler...
To see what you are STILL all about! ;

But in your little cruel life...! ! !
You prpbably say-what the hey...
My wife left and had an abortion to boot...
So i might as well spread the misery 'round this day! ! ! ;

And in your green pea brain...
You think any kind of publicity is okay...
Even if it is: 'criminally horrific'
You truly make: 'THE WATCHERS' day;

Dedicated to: Andy Shew
And S. P. and R.

*** The ASCPA***
*** THSOA***

May 6,2010

If anyone on this site is wondering- a lot of my poetry is about
our family being victimized. All of this when i am
Suffering from heart disease and a very serious chronic illness
That could take my life any time.

***I would like to thank my very kind friends who have helped me
With this and continue to moniter this whole situation.
Without you i would not know even half what i know.***
Also, i owe a great big thank you to My God!

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