Crested Pigeons

Their wings make a whirring sound as they do fly
And of humans even in town parks they seem rather shy
They never do soar to great heights in the sky
Crested pigeons the name that they are known by
They do look quite beautiful of them it can be said
With bronze on their grey wings and crest of feathers on head
One of the smaller members of the Australian bronzewing family
Of doves in my travels that i often does see
Perching birds they find their food on the ground
Out of breeding Season in small flocks in large numbers they never abound
On a scanty nest of sticks on tree branch the female two white eggs does lay
Birds i do see often though not every day
In pairs or small flocks they search for food on the ground
And when flying with their wings they make a whirring sound.

by Francis Duggan

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