Cricket World-Cup’99 (Indian Style)

The Carnival of World Cricket
Is off to a start this May;
The seventh time, the world teams clash,
For glory, seeking their way!
All will be o’er in six weeks ’time;
Could India pull off a win?
Time will decide if Azhar’s boys,
Can stun the world once again.
No more Cricket’s an English game!
It’s love has caught all men;
The fever is on; game has begun;
The testing ground- England;
The Indian squad has gone ahead,
To get acclimatized;
Eleven kilos is the Cup’s weight!
Anyone gets enticed.
Few hundred pounds
Is the cost of the Cup;
Green light is on; the end will come;
Non one has yet given up!
A huge money-prize is at stake;
And Cricket-lovers are gay!
Glued to their T.V sets all stay;
The young and old, this May.
Not all can win laurels, acclaim;
O Indians, go proclaim;
Thy uniqueness and love of the game,
‘tis a worthy cause and name!
Weather and pressures could decide,
The pitch as well, the game;
With some effort and some Dame Luck,
It is anyone’s game;
Do your job as well as you can,
And pray good things happen;
The LORD decides the Game at Lords!
The Game is much open!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Great poem, love the lines O Indians, go proclaim; Thy uniqueness and love of the game It said by many in England that in the Indian sub-continent if you don't like cricket you are regarded as mentally sub-normal. Regards Khadim