Open your eyes an see
the child that stands alone
Hear his cries
See the tears that flow from
his eyes
an the bruises all over his tiny
Lord feel the pain this child
has known an the many
tears hes cried.
The pain he must of held inside.
Many of times he cried out
loud hoping someone would
Yet no matter how loud he
screamed in pain no
one reached out to help.
He felt as though no care and
that he stood alone.
Even though the beatings grew
everyone turn there heads
Till one day his cries
had stopped.
An the pain an loneliness
were no more.
hes in a much better place.
As i sit by the gave
yard site I wonder as i wipe
the tears from my eyes
Why didn't someone hear
his cries.
How many times he
must of cried out loud
An no one helped.
Speaking for
the children of the world
Please reach out when you
hear a child cry out
All it takes to stop there pain
Is someone who cares

copyright Jackie Kirby 8/25/87

by Jackie Kirby

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