Cries In Vain

Your cries in vain,
When you look in my eyes what do you see,
My deep sorrows within,
My cries in vain,
Can’t you see how much you hurt me,
You made me cry for you,
Cries in vain that won’t go away,
Take it all away,
I see you looking,
I see that you are fading,
You are a mere ghost to me,
My sorrows within my tears that you cause me to shed,
I waited too long to cry again and again,
I sit back and hold on tight that I won’t cry ever again,
But when I see you,
I cry,
Can’t you see cries are in vain,
And now look at me and tell me what do you see,
All you ever will see is me cry in vain.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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Nicely writen poem..thank you for sharing: 10
feeling betrayed is something that could also be in vain