Cries Of An Orphan

Cries of an orphan

I am wretched and breathless,
Panting with exhaustion of such thing called life
My looks are all agony but,
Nobody notices the terror in my feelings
Tears and sweat flow like streams down my face.
Surprisingly, they all believe I am as happy.

Blood tingles in my veins daily
Hunger and fear are causatives.
In a world full of million people, i am all alone,
A lonely puppy in the cold night,
Wailing so loud but no one hears my voice,
Walking barefooted without mentioning the emptiness of my stomach
Still there is no one on the lookout

Young but surviving like a grown man
I listened to nature's taunts and bear the insults
Itis like one strong word after the other just to hurt my inner.
My heart is heavy but cannot keep the luggage on me forever
This is a platform to empty it for the world to see but expecting no sympathy.

I have borne lashes from whoever whenever
I cannot cry anymore, tears have dried down.
I feel pride swelling in my heart hence the shout
It is bitterness that make people cry out loud.
Only comfort shows smiles in time just like these too.
I cried many tears for as long i can remember but to no avail.
I am pierced the thorns have find home in my bare feet.
Legs are trembling, beneath my skin is sore.
Perseveringly, I look to an unrelated future.
Mama and papato death.
My formulae to life had to change since the
I am left to empty the mountain-high life alone.
One time i feel happy but the other languishes me in misery
People for long period ill-treat me.
Watch me toil like a donkey on harness

Doing good pleases no one
Doing bad drags me to a lifetime enmity.
Is this life or I am living a shadow of it?
I wonder if this calamity will ever end.

My brains are wise and intelligent,
Seems the more I show, the more they undermine.
I am there doing the errands of grown ups instead of being in school.
I graduated from being human into being a creature of toil.
As if losing my parents is not enough,
I hate being in these ragged clothes.

More is stacked in my heart and it is hard to offload just all,
Maybe one day there could one to tell and he listens..
For now, it is all hopeless.

by Alison Mujati

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Comments (11)

Good poem,you seem to have a passion keep up the good works
Tears and sweat flow like streams down my face, . Surprisingly, they all believe that I am as happy So emotionally expressed...10
I like it it's deep I hear your cries
Deep feelings expressed with a wonderful command of the language. Sad tale of harsh reality that is the life of most orphans told in eloquent finesse. A poignant piece of poetry set aside for sober reflection. A great work of art. Thanks for sharing bro.
sad poem, showing the true feelings of the writer
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