Crime Does Pay

Human made laws have been known for to fail
Since the world's greatest criminals are not in jail
They attend lavish parties in the best of restaurants dine
And they only drink the most expensive wine

Whoever did tell you that crime does not pay
In the twenty first century it is not this way
Few ever in prison are known to serve time
For what has become known as corporate crime

The desire for more money instill in some people greed
And the more money some do have the more they seem to need
Few drug barons in prison have ever served time
Though they have ruined many young lives and have grown wealthy by crime

Far too many wealthy people out of crime doing quite well
Whilst millions of poor honest people live life in earthly hell
That this is all wrong would you not agree
At least anyhow that's how it seems to me

For some in big business corporate crime the in thing of today
A quick way to huge fortunes despite what some do say
The World's wealthiest criminals not behind prison bars
They are driven to parties and functions in chauffeur driven cars.

by Francis Duggan

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