Crime Of Being Hiv Positive

The Doctor delivered the news
like a Court Judge
in a final death sentence verdict
'You are HIV positive! '
A the clinic corridor
the Nurses had gathered
Like Eagles converging on carcasses
they fed fat on my 'pitiable' frame
muterring and whispering in low voices
'that's the lady'
'the new member of the club'
At home, in the living room
the family gathered in dead silence
mother wept, as if mourning my death
'all my efforts down the drain', she wailed and wailed
father gazed at me
like a psychiatric home returnee
'what a terrible end! ', he lamented
At work, in the open office
my table enjoyed expanse of space
'Hi! ', they would wave at me from afar
To call my name was like catching the virus
they would rather die than shake my hands
In our street
people peep behind the windows blinds
'don't you ever go near! '
parents warned their children and wards
many fingers pointed at me wherever i turn
'see the results of promiscuity'
they'd say to themselves
in the local shop
i need not to queue
'just come over here awhile, my dear'
the shopowner would cajole
giving me special treatment, i never got before
everywhere i turn and go
i have a name tag
and see huge price tag
of being an unfortunate victim of HIV/AIDS

by ifedayo oshin

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