Legal crims control the World they have money they have power
And just like the weeds of the garden they do stifle every flower
And sad to think the gullible masses look up to them and them admire
Like them to be wealthy and powerful many social climbers to aspire
Illegal crims are locked in prison where they do deserve to be
But sad to say their legalized kindred are enjoying the good life living free
Making millions whilst many grow poorer in a World where billions live in poverty
All because of legalized criminals who seem proud of their dishonesty
In a World where millions of people are stateless and homeless and dying of hunger every day
Legal crims are growing wealthier it should never be this way
I for one do not respect them and them i never could admire
I see nothing good or gracious in them of praise worthy to inspire
Millions because of them poorer such a sad thing for to say
They ought to be locked in prison and for their sins be made to pay.

by Francis Duggan

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