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Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory

Royal red and sunburst yellow
as frost compels the painter's pallet
crisp air invites the harvest moon
as pumpkin vines die at fruits stem

flying high in fluttering form
to dance in union mingled leaves
piling up , then they scatter
in shades warm and inviting

crunch and crumble under foot
the smells and sights of early fall
are memories of summer fun
apples hang ripe and red
ready for picker's baskets

to walk at brisk early morning
and see what nature acheives
from dusk to dawn and listen
to the rustle gently falling
we see summers slow demise

such beauty in death of a fallen leaf
crimson red
soon the colors will fade and brown
as rain and ice lay to waste
and nature blows it's winter's breath
cold and frigid fingers grasp Autumn's glory


by Myrtle Thomas

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