SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

Crimson Rain

Slow, steady drops.
Crimson rain
barely audible over the shrieks
of torture.
Music to my ears. Intently
focused as ever.
Hung foot to head.

A storm rages outside,
protesting this power.
But it fuels the fire in these eyes.
and skinning the woman alive.

I call her Red. For it covers
her and myself.
Though I bask in the heated sensation
and she repels from it.
But, being gentle is an annoyance
that makes me cringe.
I savor these final, raspy
pleas for help.

Spear in hand, I go to work.
Like a wicked kid torturing an
Puncture after puncture I plunge
the blade deep into Reds' flesh.
Almost fully penetrating out
of her back.
And I'm wild! Lost in the excitement.

Plea turns to
blood gargled whimpers silence.
And I still go...shredded
skin and blood clotted pools.

Enlivened senses
I peel off these soaked clothes
and toss them aside.
Wearing only my skin now
I cant help but run that beautiful
blade over my flesh.
Tingling. as i give my
chest a quick, deep, cut.
Sadomasochism. At its fullest.

Turned on brighter
then a loved christmas tree.
I go for my drawer
of 'fulfillment toys.'
Placed just so,
strapped into position...

I watch fun pornography
in dungeons, while I'm the
mistress of my own.
I slowly walk over to Reds
fresh corpse.

You can call me Mistress Necro

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Comments (2)

yea like she said kinda disturbing but its really good! ^^
Wow...I am awestruck by this one...I guess this is your true potentional. Although a bit disturbing in nature you really nailed this one! Great Job! Mel~