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Crimson Rain

Standing in the rain,
blood streams down my face.
Ice water drips off my hair…
my bare arms are blue with cold.
Shuddering violently,
I collapse on the ground.
Shouts of shock ring out behind me.
I hear sirens in the distance.
The girl lies dead in front of me,
blood soaks a puddle around her,
and rain pounds her lifeless white skin.
My heart beats faster and faster
and seems to explode inside me.
Guilt makes my head spin,
my eyes are unfocused as everything goes blurry.
I feel no pain as the blood continues to stream onto my neck and shoulders.
The smoking gun still lies on the ground.
I stare at it in complete horror.
My fingers tremble as I pick it up,
the metal seems to burn my flesh.
Feet pound the pavement behind me.
I hold the gun to my head.
Someone shouts loudly.
And then everything is black.

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