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Crimson Regrets
LD (January 17,1989 / Orange, California)

Crimson Regrets

Like a pinprick on my finger
i squeeze to see the blood escape
eventually the pain subsides
a scar is all that remains
unleashing a never ending battle under the surface
it became a knife wound
jabbed deep into my chest
covered with bandages
not a soul can know
I have to know, the bandages must disappear
a reopened wound
pain taking residence once again
i scream in agony
longing for death
i've continued my charade days too long
someone mentions it
my injury rips apart
blood gushes from this wound
crimson waves of pain
this unforgettable pain
blame lies solely on me
i squeezed to see the blood escape
unaware of the slow forming death
that i allowed to take shape inside

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