Critical Comment Limerick

A young fellow while taking a breather
Saw a lass whose attire was beneath her.
He remarked with a frown,
'You look like Helen Brown
And you don't look your best in black, either! '

by Grace Diane Jessen

Comments (5)

This is one of the best limericks I've ever seen. Such a clever play on words!
After reading this limerick for the fourth time, I finally caught on to the joke. I'll bet Spock and Rajnish didn't catch it. 'You look like Hell in brown, and you don't look your best in black, either.' That's hilarious! Outstanding limerick! Wes Vogler, eat your heart out! This one tops them all!
Very funny. Remember Sonny and Cher? Of course you do. The line 'attire was beneath her' can be (as Spock says) interpreted in more than one way. Of course your meaning was that it was far inferior to what she should have worn, but it could also mean that it was beneath her, as in the sense of it being on the floor (and therefore she wasn't wearing anything?) . This is what reminded me of Cher. I always used to say that Cher must get her clothes on sale, because they were always one-half off.
Simple humour. Nice Limerick. Thanks a lot.
Saw a lass whose attire was beneath her There are different ways to interpret this. I wonder which Helen Brown he saw, the actress, one of the many authors, the politician, or none of those. Anyway, thanks for the poem. Good job.