VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Critical Emanation

Crashing to my knees under this unbridled force
Sting of reality charges through my burning remorse
Like fire and electricity woven into crystal blades
When needing this release and the mindful comfort fades

Too much taken unto a mortal soul to carry
Vent this fear and frustration, stress and worry
Concerning for another to anesthetise my own
For this outpouring has soaked me to the bone

I am walking in this world through a treacle mist
When others words are the torture they, cant resist
Unrelenting upon my back, my whipping scars appear
Hanging onto their luxury of my undoing, my fear

Beneath this all and the eyes of a thousand faces
Ripping into my every confidence and failed graces
With hands behind my back, I am bound to their demise
Fortunes seems the length of time, I am their despise

I wish to hang from this tree and my body swing free
My spirit that shall feel flight again, this is my destiny
Internal rendering of once a man and a substance of clarity
Driven down to the mortal suffering, an object of charity

Black, my vision, as with their every stroke, my flesh fragments
As my blood spills, to the earth of my own accomplishments
So vicious this world has become, cancers of love take hold
Suffocated under their every demand, so frightened, so cold

Where’s for art thou a saviour for this broken, bleeding man
What part was I to play in life’s cruel game without, a plan
For time in continuation, rendering the cycle for my dying
Even when the swelling of my hurt, brings to the stage of crying

For this is what is unravelled in circumstance, to be stronger
As the man I clasp my weapon and fight until no longer
I stand upon the memories of many, in my many encounters
Who are liken to the witnessing of this story and its creators

For we be the characters, in a loop of correlation
Defining what is our methods and destination
To a further place beyond this reckless receivership
Of a life bearing challenges, that we seek scholarship

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