Critical Thinking And Me - 2

Critical Thinking HAPPENS on its own,
when the MIND settles down to QUIETNESS;
In a state when one becomes AWARE of the
DEPTHs and, an equilibrium established
with the ambience of HERE & NOW.

The past is viewed & reviewed
as SEEN in the PRESENT; and an
Just like it all happened in the
ARCHIMIDES bathtub story, and when
NEWTON observed the apple fall &
related it with GRAVITATIONAL FORCE.

the definition as in
critical thinking - Part of Speech: n;
Definition: the mental process of actively and
skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing,
synthesizing, and evaluating information to
reach an answer or conclusion.

That would mean each and ALL mental
faculties SYNCing into 0NE UNIFIED state.
which would lead to TOTAL ABSENCE
of CONFLICTING mental activites,
to FORTiFY the energies required for the
PROCESS of Critical Thinking to FRUCTIFY.


by Shree Bangalore

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