Love-Holy Beam

Love-Holy Beam
Saturday, June 8,2019
10: 54 AM

I am aware
and fear too
what shall happen
when I shall see you all of sudden

My heart may skip a beat
fail to say hello or greet
nothing shall happen for the good
for me love is thought for food

I am so much fascinated
and get elated
whenever you are associated
with the even and participated

I weave a though chain
and maintain
as i am with you at that time
to take care all the times

you are an inspirer
and torchbearer
of love that I have dreamed
and always termed as holy beam

Hasmukh Mehta

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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AND THEN SOME! ....You go with it, Sir Michael Jeffrey....In your own style of abstract speak much wisdom....Unfortunately, those who wear the tattered banner of guilt to your claim.... never heed advice that might take the hot air out of their ballooned ego's....and ignorant mindsets. InTENse penning, my friend! Another pen-gem! ~ FjR ~