Crocodile Smile

They lynched the shores of Bayelsa
with a strange tune which made the crocodile smile mischievously,
Then, it went on a deadly journey!
The Cavalries arrived figuratively on
a python dance with their amonition,
They cleared the air and dried the oceans, Mr President' orders said so.
Next we saw, was skulls raining down
like water.
Many bones cracked like an old clay Hut,
their bodies scattered mystriously,
cold blood shattered on a blazing ground.
children wailed in flight
mothers ran helter skelter clinging their babies on their back...
boys beheld the horror and shrieked
girls went into hiding against rape
doom beheld the youths of Bayelsa watching the uniformed men do the crocodile smile on their land.
Jets parading in the heart of the sky made them voiceless like a village wrecked by war.
The ground quaked and the air cracked, filled with homicide fragrances that took away dreams.
Bayelsa 1999 came back again angrily!
Its death again like the days of Civil war.
The Crocodile smiled in the south,
people died in numbers and,
the Python danced in the East,
many skulls rolled.
How did we play this music that brought pains to our ears?
Who did we kill his name in the dark?
Why one sky if division is all we seek?
Until this madness is cured and mental slavery dissolved, we will not stop this Cattle slavery soonest in our land!

Yours Poetically,
©John Chizoba Vincent

by john chizoba vincent

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Truly amazingly written...Thanks for sharing..10 +++++++