Cromwell's Shame

In British Commonwealth Countries streets honour his name
Though he was one guilty of great acts of shame
Poor Catholics in Ireland by his armies dispossessed
And millions of people by him were oppressed.

Because of their religion their human rights to them denied
And many were left to die on the roadside
The victims of Oliver Cromwell in unmarked graves lay
The one who has streets named in his honour today.

He did not have a higher self to which he could be true
And as evil as Hitler to give him his due
But the winners write the war history and winners never tell
Of how they sent poor people to an earthly hell.

That Cromwell's is still a hated name in Ireland is quite justified
So many lives in that Country by him were destroyed
To those he oppressed all rights he did deny
And 'to Hell or to Connacht' to them his catch cry.

One guilty of crimes against humanity the most serious offence
Yet streets named in his honour that does not make much sense
The winners write the war history or 'twould seem that way
And Cromwell for his crimes he was not made to pay.

by Francis Duggan

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