RFS (June 23,1979 / Lapaz, Iloilo City)


In the grand Throne of Cronus I dare not to speak
For it is only my grandfather that I choose to seek
Cursed by his own family and its own children
The God whom my father banished from his throne
When he trapped his children on a cave of stone
My grandfather the source of all power, evil and good
It was him who put all the pieces together where it should
His domain was so vast that it in fact lead to madness
But without virtue and restraint it also lead to emptiness
He ruled the galaxy and universe like there's no tomorrow
My powerful weapon was the deadly bow and arrow
The revolution was led by my father Zeus
Who wishes to end all of Cronus abuse
If I could remember we were fighting against each other
Father against son and sister against brother
The war eventually lead to our own destruction
So right now is the beginning of a new construction
Showing mercy to my grandfather Cronus
He is sometimes allowed to enter Olympus
A guest with no power or no authority
Bounded by a ring for all eternity
To serve the Olympians as his Gods and Masters
To be one as family with his sons and daughters
Those planets are like giants minds or brains of the pit
It revolves in motion and indestructible by an asteroid hit
The soul needs an animate object like a person, fire or water
To bring life and bring motion to any living matter
The soul needs the body as a medium of transport
The body needs fire, water and air for comfort
My grandfather now held as a captive
To obey and follow Zeus own motive
Oh great Cronus of the Latin Saturn
I'm now waiting for you own turn

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