Crooked Cats

I know of three cats that have eyes of fire
and one of them likes to climb the church spire.
He is a scaredy cat when mum comes a calling
because he is just afraid of falling.
Number two cat with his burning eyes of fire
just loves to play in the mooreland mire.
He never stops to think that some day he might sink
and there will be no one around to pull him to the brink.
Number three cat is wise now aint that a surprise
and she is also keen at telling lies.
One day she told Mummy cat that her Brothers were dead
so she could eat the food that they were to be fed.
Now Mummy cat was also wise and she did not belive
those dreadful lies.
When it was time for dinner number three cat got thinner.
When out came a dish that was full of fish and there was
nothing left for her to finish.

(The Moral of this story is if you play with fire you can get burnt)

by sylvia spencer

Comments (4)

Hia Sylvia, from one cat lover to another This poem is so cute, adorable. Our feline friends bring us comfort. x0x
sylia...cats and you...i bet you have a house full of them...a lovely story...beautiful
Now this is yet another reason why it is great to have you back! ! Well done Sis Love duncan X
Your cat story is priceless. Very charming and very Sylvia. Ten from me. Love, Sandra