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Crooked Politicians

Thieves and crooks have their hands in every pot,
To benefit man? Or to help others; I think not!
I wished that pot was lined with hooks, so the thieves would be caught
Then politicians would catch themselves, the crooks that they had sought.

I enjoy going to church just to listen to GOD'S word
But, then in whispers there is the lies and gossip that is also heard,
Politicians try to serve two masters, GOD and the demurred
Now their speeches and beliefs, those politicians must always reword.

A politician truly cannot serve both man and also serve GOD
To say that they can do both, they become a liar and also a fraud,
Whether he slams down the gavel or strikes down the rod
A politician who says is godly, he is mistaken and also flawed.

The ten commandments as we know is GOD's most sacred rules
If he or a constituent breaks them, do politicians see them as only fools
Or do they just hide their gavels, and their other political tools
Then happily in their houses, they count their money and hide their jewels.

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Yes, don't we all wonder about the Pollies. The wealthy souls. Thank You Randy for your words.