It may be a little harsh,
To label what they do as such.
Perhaps another approach...
Would qualify their activities,
In a reproach that dignifies them
In our eyes.
How about 'lifters' of goodwill?
The term 'thieves' implies
Something done with merriment.
And today these 'misdeeds',
Are much too common!
Immediately an image of urban dwellers
Comes to mind!
You know...
The kind that are struggling to survive?
If we call them 'crooks'...
And dress them in suits and ties,
With briefcases and horn rimmed glasses...
Would that deliver the message quicker?
If they were placed in settings,
At the pinnacles of all that's cherished...
With worshipped ideologies,
AND adorn them with respected credentials.
Then we will feel less guilty,
When it is realized they represent
Our utmost values!
Let's just call them 'crooks'...?
And redefine our standards!
Only then,
Will all of our pretentiousness...
Come to an end!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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What about Politicians already well dressed remove their suits their shoes their ties.. crooks.. the soul is sartorially crooked brother lawrence.. a gift of a poem...