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A Love Restored

Please try to remember our intimate moments shared,
Of how much I passionately love you and forever cared.

I need us again to breathe every Autumn's breeze,
I need you to know all your fears are at ease.

I need you again to take love's nourishment from my soul,
I need you the woman I eternally love to become again whole.

I need you to recall all of our shared affection,
I need you to know your good life has only one direction.

Please say a word and cast off this burden of shock,
I'll be your side till your mind one day will unlock.

Suddenly, you softly whisper my name then repeat it again!
Tears fill my eyes you've returned to the woman you once became!

I pull me in gently with tears in your eyes so cobalt blue,
You sling your arms around me and we kiss like lovers do.

by Shaun Cronick

Comments (2)

gershon, i particularly enjoy the line 'made one feel the world was never naughty'. what a world we might live in if... thanks for this one. salut.
Crooners were a little before my time but I do appreciate the 'mood' behind that type of music. It just seemed so much more romantic......when men were men and women were ladies. I think I was born years too late. I really enjoyed this poem Gershon. (Well, ya kinda lost me on the comforting warm urine but..... :) to each their own. Take care. Sincerely, Mary