Cross And Vaguely Humorous

God is cross and vaguely humorous,
quite unpredictable and very jealous
of his competitors, who’re numerous.
If we screw up, He doesn’t tell us,
but plays on us all kinds of jokes
to put us off our stride until we pray,
and say we know He’s not a hoax,
and hope that He will go away.

He will not when He's feeling cross,
and finds it humorous to show
in various ways that He’s the boss,
and friend to us, although our foe,
because he has no competition,
the only Superpower in
the universe, with this strange mission:
to make us all believe in sin.

The Christians meet Him in a church,
and Jews encounter Him in ’gogues,
and waste time while they try to search
for Him like treasure in a box.
No one understands His plan,
which is to keep us guessing while
he laughs and gets a heaven tan
while we are nonplussed by His style.

by gershon hepner

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