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Cross On A Chain

You wear a crucifix around your neck
Is it in decoration or a sign of your true belief
As around my neck their lies nothing at all,
Because in my heart, lies the love that you cant see.
I proclaim my belief to no one but me
A desire stronger than your crucifix on a chain
And if I could wear that belief around my neck
I would proudly wear it, as my love I’d proclaim.

I wear my belief as if it lies around my neck
As proudly and strongly as any crucifix on a chain
And if it could be removed, forever it would stay
Then you would know that love would always remain.
Around my neck their lies nothing at all
In my heart their lies a need that cannot end
So while the World can see your crucifix on the chain,
Around my heart, there is that love ready to begin.

Around your neck lies a crucifix on a chain
Which can be removed anytime or at any day
It can be a decoration to adorn your looks,
Or it can be an idol so you can worship on or pray.
I look at my belief which hangs around my neck
Though it can be see and held only by me,
And proudly I hold it, and forever I will keep it
Because it is the only belief, that can set me free.

Randy L. McClave

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