KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Cross Roads

Meet me at the Cross Road
In the middle of my life
I have never been here,
The road is busy,
Please look both ways, twice...
I feel as though I need to
manage this angry path
The center of my existence,
Though they say never look back,
I did look back, not once or twice
and what I saw there made me both smile
and even cry.
I will not beg forgiveness
for what I have or have not done
I will promise to be grateful
for my wars I never won...
If you meet me at the cross roads
you will find me waiting there
alone and somewhat frightened
of what I may find there...
Hold my hand dear friend
for alone I cannot be
the speeding traffic and abundunt noises
seem to haunt me...
Though the journey here is long and hard
and sometimes bitter sweet
If we cross together
I know that we will meet
Our destiny or fate
whatever it may be
Meet me at the Cross Roads
a blessed Journey it may be...

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