Crossed Roads

Escape to adventure,
run from Rock fever,
you fly; no thoughts now...
Wrapped in your dreams of the future,
but no plans made;
nothing to come,
earth passing by
moonbeams, stars...
Outside are the voids
you long to touch;
such worldly life!
Sparseness awaits, emptiness
void of your reflection....
New roads crossed for thousands
upon thousands of years,
your own people resent you,
your new thoughts, your new heart,
your undisciplined mind...
Nothing stops your yearnings for touch,
but there is nothing to touch,
each being keeps to its own...
The spirits wait;
this soul is clean,
without corruption,
how can this be?
What power, protects it
here among these stained ones?

by Michael Walkerjohn

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Run from rock fever and watch life is beautiful with such a lovely poem. Nice writing. Excellent one.