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Crossing A Picket Line

Any person that crosses over a picket line
That action by them it will soon define,
It will show a lack of character and no moral belief
From unity and honor they will not find any relief;
They don't care for the struggle of the working person
And they don't care if their pay or working conditions worsen,
Into the back of any striker they are ready to stab
And they will always will be known to me and you, as a scab;
A boundary that is established by workers who are on strike
It should always be respected by both you and me alike,
Never from the lack of pay or from intimidation will it I cross
As I protect and defend the strikers, and not an avaricious boss;
Workers must stand together and for solidarity they must fight
Though not for corruption or for individuality, but for what is right
Any supporter or believer who does not have a greedy spine,
They will never attempt or will want to cross over a picket line.

Randy L. McClave

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