Crossing Lake Champlain With You

Poem By S. R. Lavin

The word “Hebrew” means “those who crossed over”….
the ones who sought to be separated from
those who did not cross over…the ones
who crossed over were seeking the meaning of life.

Crossing Lake Champlain by ferry with you
on a windy, wintry afternoon is
like passing out of death into life.

This is what we were created for –-
to become the essential ingredients
of an eternal moment, when friends
make every effort to meet each other’s needs.

Paraphrasing the essential –-
“Make life your poetry, not poetry your life.”

These are words we can live by -

We’re learning to be healthy human beings,
to speak what is real and life-giving from our hearts,
learning to meet the pressing needs of those we care for…

yesterday you saved my life, today I saved yours

we owe each other a debt of love

not ready to walk on water
we cross over by boat

Comments about Crossing Lake Champlain With You

This is great. A strong feeling of unexpected optimism pervades throughout.
the essential matters always nourish the heart the dear other to give strength as we journey on always on into a future uncertain yet somehow made certain by the other close to the heart a wonderful poem

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