(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Crossing The Border(For Lyn)

A swallow
crosses the border

without being spotted
by the border guards.

Two clouds
make a dash

for it

but are caught
in a tourist photograph

as they are half-way

A leaf
waltzes over

(but without a passport)

is obliged to
waltz on

right back over

as the wind changes
its mind.

An ant
is forced back

by an imaginary line

that exists
only in men’s minds

& doesn’t register
on the satellite photo

taken just that second.

the satellite now
the other side

of the world

the moon on its left

stars thinking of

but themselves.

back on earth

the border guard

(the border shimmers in the heat
begins to melt....sticks to our footsteps)

gazes at my photo
gazes at my self

for it seems

Hacks, spits: hits
an insect

on the left hand side
of its head

by mistake
‘though he pretends
he meant it.

His gold tooth

The insect
stops in its tracks

thinks: “Wot de fu**! ”

Pauses: accesses
the situation

& designs to risk it
& go on.

It goes on.

“You, look...”
(he gobs)
...nothing like you! ”

He informs
my photograph.

I feel I am
eavesdropping in on
their conversation.

“I haven’t been
my self
for a long long
time now! ”

I admit.

“Shit! I got
a nut! ”

He turns & spits.
(God! I wish he wouldn’t keep on doing that!)

His gold tooth

A dribble of brown
tobacco spit glistens on his chin.

He waves me on
not wanting

the bother
or to bother.

And so
I cross

the border.

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Welcome Home, Donall...and may the vacation be perfect, the homecoming dancing and singing beyond all you dreamed of...LYN
Brilliant work Donall! I really enjoyed this. HG: -) xx