HZH ( / California)

Crossing The River

It was fun for a little while.
Exciting at times,
But not anymore.
I'm crossing the river at the shallows
Trying to get to the other side.
Where I will sit and dry out
And watch the river flowing by
Taking my Heart with it, saying goodbye.
Sad, thoughtful but ready to go on.
Troding away, in no hurry to go or to get anywhere.
But over the horizon of blue sky is a promise.
Something new will be there.
Small or big, who knows and I care not
But it will be there
And offer to me something new to do
So I will not dwell on this spot by the river,
Casting longing looks to the other side
Wasting time wondering
What went right and what went wrong.
Time to travel a new path
And follow new stars twinkling
In the deep night sky
Beckoning me to come and see and feel and reap
Another experience
Waiting for me and my Heart.

(5.16.7 The Gift)

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