In utter confusion, which road should i take?
My thoughts and karma may lead to a mistake
Should i, shoull we, leave it? , depart
The road could be narrower, but would ne a new start
Decisions, decisions which one to choose?
coz with or without you i still loose!
With you, lifes enhanced
your funkadelic, the attractions magnetic
Im set in a trance
without you lifes simple
on surface no core, repeatingly a bore
no more simlie with two dimples.
It feels like im your, last priority
constantly shifted, in your diary
Playing hard to get is NOT cool,
Trapped in an endless fight im the fool,
Now, i don't care! , about the incignificant time you share,
Putting an end to this romance, my shoes are worn out from this dance
Im cutting the strings to your guitar,
As i surprisingly reminis on how we got this far...
& because i love you so
I now have to let you go

by kwazi Dube

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