A Handful Of Stars

Give me O Night, a blessing
Of peace, and a handful of stars-
Give me O Dawn, a beginning,
New life, and a healing of scars;
Give me O Day, a freshening
Of spirit, and warmth in the sun-
Give me, O Earth, of thy bounty,
Strength for the task I’ve begun.

Leave me, O Night, of your stillness
A calm for my inward soul-
Leave me a breath of your darkness
To cool me, and keep me whole;
Leave me the wind in the willows
The roll of the surf and the sea-
Leave me, Beloved, my memories
Of dreams you have given to me

by Louis L'Amour

Comments (4)

As an older women, this poem resonates so with me. The hearts passion in this poem is so beautifully expressed with lovely imagery. I can nearly see the landscape of this changing life through the words describing it. I keep this poem in my wallet and use it as inspiration to live my life fully.
deeply thoughtful poetry....................
Great joy it gives in the poem and good imaginations.
Joyce, I truly enjoyed your poem. Great philosophy, and one I share. I especially love the images in the last verse paragraph. The new freedom of ice breaking up on a river, the deep comfort and plenty, of soaking rain, the friendship and camaraderie of the hand reaching out, the warmth of a fire, and always the smoke rising to where we are all going.... Lovely.